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ma-luxe logo

So Ma-Luxe is this beautiful company that we at Stella, have been fortunate enough to have a fun and collaborative relationship with. Marion Groot, stylist, visionary and creative director, with a little help from her friends, has birthed something truly amazing ~ Ma-Luxe! Having recently celebrated their first anniversary, and the launch of an online magazine, the collective specializes first and foremost in styling weddings and all that encompasses the term. Taking a step back, it could be argued that they are simply style gurus. The ladies have hosted style nights, put on fashion shows and of recent travelled to Cuba to shoot a music video! With an ever growing team of business affiliates that cover hair, fashion, photography, fitness, catering and pretty much everything else, the ladies (and a few gentlemen) of Ma-Luxe are nothing short of brilliant!

A big shout out to our friends and sisters at Ma-Luxe!

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